Valorization of recycled polystyrene

The collaboration with Boisclair et Fils inc. is a great example of a recycling project.

This company in the Laurentians specializes in manufacturing prefabricated concrete produts.

  • infrastructure: manholes, sumps, pipes, pumping stations, etc.
  • electrical and telecommunications: connection room, street lamp base, etc.
  • sanitation: septic tanks, settling basin, etc.

This company has developed advanced technology for manufacturing customized manholes.  The manholes can be tailored to specific dimensions, such as height, diameter, entry and exit angles, and more.  These precision-manufactured products are created using steel and polystyrene formwork.  However, a certain amount of styrofoam is unfortunately lost during the formwork design and usage.

These polystyrene rejects were disposed of in residual material containers.

Éco-Captation come on stage
Éco-Captation has developed a unique technology for processing polystyrene.

What are the advantages?
The main immediate impact is a substantial reduction in the disposal of residual styrofoam materials for Boisclair et Fils inc.
This has significantly contributed to the success of the *PGMR de la MRC des Laurentides in continuing recycling efforts.
*residual materials management plan.

A story that leads further?
This commitment to ecology demonstrates the company’s environmental awareness, contributing to the recycling and transformation of used polystyrene into reusable raw material.

Indeed, we have been able to contribute to developing integrations of this material in different sectors of the industry.