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We have developed a concept that offers new recycling opportunities: collecting the material at the source before it enters the residual waste chain to transform it into raw material.


Cultivate our differences and believe we can be part of the equation leading to a greener world.  We looked at polystyrene as an ingredient in a recipe to create other products.  We have thought of and developed a processing concept to transform it into raw material.


Think, imagine, and work on creating a value chain that is part of a processing cycle of polystyrene-based products.  Certify our commitment by developing a system to ensure product traceability.


Imagine and develop strategies for collecting used products at source to transform them into reusable materials.  We are working to define processes to valorizing recycling sectors.

Technology & concept

We have developed technology to recycle polystyrene, a lightweight, easy-to-transport, and infinitely recyclable product.  Our team has launched the very first eco-capture service to demonstrate that it is possible to reuse this material in a sustainable development context.

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