Polystyrene and styrofoam, qualities and defects

Polystyrene is one of the most commonly used materials in many industries today.

  • Insulators in the construction sector
  • Food container and packaging
  • Protective packaging for transport and technologies


Here are the main properties of polystyrene:

1. Electrical and thermal properties – Good insulator, antistatic and conductive.

2. Naturally indestructible (or almost) – May take several years to decompose.

3. Resistant – it withstands exposure to corrosion and various chemicals very well.

4. Waterproof – Completely waterproof with low water absorption.

5. Lightweight – Polystyrene contains 98% air and 2% solids.

6. Anti-shock – Great shock absorption capacity.

7. Inexpensive – Especially for packaging products.

8. Flammable or combustible – Burns very easily, releasing harmful gases.

With its exceptional properties, this material has gained a reputation as a black sheep in the handling and reusing of residual materials.