Concept & technology


Our process involves sorting materials at the source, capturing polystyrene from consumption, construction, or packaging in centers located across the province, and transporting the material to our processing site.


The processing is carried out using artificial intelligence.  The goal is to provide raw materials for the production of items. Our robot, ÉCO, handles various processing operations on recovered polystyrene to meet the specific requirements of each customer.





A virtuous circle

Éco-captation is part of an eco-friendly approach. It was crucial for us to establish a recycling concept that addresses three distinct types of issues: economic, ecological, and societal.

In the context of the circular economy, we have developed a value chain that defines our project.

Understanding the issues


Reducing residual materials is key to our sustainable development. Extracting products from the residual materials chain adds value and helps with cost savings. The unique qualities of these materials require finding valorization solutions in various sectors of activity.


We are running out of options!
Our consumer society is dealing with its excessive consumption. Properly managing waste is a critical aspect of our sustainable development efforts. Repurposing polystyrene for new uses after its initial use adds an ecological dimension to the value chain.


The integration of artificial intelligence in automation is already transforming our daily lives, necessitating its inclusion in our project to ensure sustainability.

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